Der Hotel und Restaurantbesuch ist ab einem Inzidenzwert von über 35 nur mit aktuellem Test oder Vollimpfung möglich
Finnische Sauna (nach Anmeldung) und Schwimmbad für Hotelgäste offen
Unser Restaurant ist Mittags bis Ende November voraussichtlich geschlossen
Unser Restaurant schließt um 22 Uhr

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Romantic Franconia

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Franconia is a well-known region in the north of Bavaria, which is often referred to as “Romantic Franconia” because of the lovely landscape, the long eventful history and the comparatively small industrial settlement.

After all, because of the Franconian wine and the rich tradition in beer, it is also a pleasure to enjoy, making it a popular tourist destination in Germany. Some of the tourist highlights in the west of Franconia are connected by the Romantic Road, the most famous German theme road, as well as the entire Franconian region with its numerous castles and other medieval buildings through the Burgenstrasse (Castle Road)

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