History of the hotel

A house full of personalities…

The Feuchtwanger Marktplatz around 1870
In the Romantik-Hotel Greifen-Post you are in excellent company over the centuries.

The “Post” has existed since 1369. The “Greif” is mentioned for the first time in 1450 as “heriberge”, at the time when Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz invented the printing press with movable type.

Emperor Maximilian was successful in the post in 1570, when he embarked on his journey to the Reichstag in Speyer.

He was the first in the stately series of crowned and uncrowned celebrities who have been among our guests, such as Queen Christine of Sweden, the daughter of the great Gustav Adolf after the Thirty Years’ War, or the mother of Queen Victoria of England in 1844 and other Empresses, queens and kings, crown princes, princes from Russia, Sweden and England and, of course, also from German lands.

Max Joseph, since 1806 Bavaria’s first king, as well as Bavaria’s last Crown Prince Ruprecht, also appreciated the hospitality of the hotel “Greifen-Post”.

Royalty staying here has long been a must, and the tradition in the hotel “Greifen-Post” has remained: we have welcomed in this house members of the Bavarian state government and leading politicians from the Federal Republic.

From the annals of our house

1347 On July 21, 1347, Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian, a few weeks before his death, was on a journey south in the walls of his faithful imperial city.
1483 On 7th October 1483, Michael Wohlgemuth, the teacher of Albrecht Diirer, came from Nuremberg to set up his altar in the church of the penitent.
1566 On the 14th of December, 1566, the Turk Ibrahim Pasha, with his entourage of sixty men, embarked on his expedition to France.
1570 Emperor Maximilian II stayed here on a trip to the Reichstag in Speyer with his whole family for the night.
1654 The daughter of the Swedish king Gustav Adolf stayed on the trip to Innsbruck.
1675 The great Elector Frederick William stayed in Feuchtwangen on his return from the Rhine.
1730 Kronprinz Friedrich, der nachmalige „Alte Fritz“, speist in Feuchtwangen zu Mittag während einer Reise zur Jagd nach Crailsheim
1734 Crown Prince Frederick, the “Old Fritz” who was later served lunch at Feuchtwangen during a trip to Crailsheim for hunting.
1818 The Empress of Russia stayed on the 12th of October 1818. 120 horses were needed for her and her entourage, for the journey.
1836 King Ludwig I of Bavaria visited Feuchtwangen, after having been a guest several times as Crown Prince.
1837 On July 19, 1837 Crown Prince Oskar of Sweden stayed with his entourage.
1844 The great singer Jenny Lind, the “Swedish Nightingale”, lunched in Feuchtwangen on 6 December 1844.