In the style of which century do you want to spend the night?
You decide on which style and in which century you want to be.

    Whether you are looking for a

  • Four-poster bed (Renaissance style of the 17th century)
  • a romantic room (in the style of the 18th century)
  • a 19th century Biedermeier Room
  • a room in the country-house style of the 20th century

We can assure you that you will feel very comfortable with us.

Renaissance style 17th century

It was a time of awakening in the Middle Ages from the 15th century onwards. Technical, scientific innovations, and discoveries of unknown worlds at the “end of the world” changed consciousness.

The bourgeoisie came to:
Discover themselves in the “rebirth” of ancient values and beauty, and these stood in the centre of their life.

So also is it with us.

Special features of these rooms:
Our Renaissance rooms are located directly above our wellness area

– are therefore only a few steps in your bathrobe and slippers from the Swimming pool and sauna
– are predominantly near our “terrace”
– thus offering a quiet location
– always have a WC separated from the bathroom
– always have a four poster bed with a king size mattress of 160 cm width

All floors have underfloor heating spreading out cozy warmth

We offer these rooms at:

Single room from € 69,00
Double room from € 109,00

Romantic Style 18th Century

Romance touches everyone more or less.

It describes an epoch of emotions that wasn’t known or lived until then.

At the end of the 18th century people longed for individuality and personal feelings.
” One’s own little life” gained in importance. Longing, love, and optimism were the new industrial achievements, figures and achievements.
They sought a “lost old world” of myths and myths, dreaming of enchanted gardens and ruins. We have preserved the romance for you to this day. Immerse yourself in…

Special features of these rooms:

Our romantic rooms
– are on the 3rd floor
– can be reached by elevator
– partly to the side in a quiet location
– offer a wonderful view of the rooftops or the marketplace of Feuchtwangen
– usually have a WC separated from the bathroom
– there are separate beds as well as a king size mattress of 160 cm width

We offer these rooms at:

Single room from € 69,00
Double room from € 119,00

Biedermeier style 19th century

We all know the term Biedermeier as the epitome of “petty bourgeoisie”.
Between 1815 and 1848, a political and cultural form of the bourgeoisie developed in the countries of the German Confederation and the Austrian Empire.

From this day, our understanding of the living room as the centre of our life and the desire for comfort developed.

For the bourgeois, family and private life in their own walls was the main characteristic of the time. With small social rounds, the main table and the coffee bar were cultivated.
In this sense, you can enjoy your “living room” here in the Biedermeier.

Special features of these rooms:

– are located on the second floor directly in the vicinity of the elevator
– are situated in a quiet area
– are our largest rooms
– all have a bathroom separated from the toilet
– offer particularly comfortable sofas and armchairs, which invite you to linger
– are equipped with double beds or separate beds

We offer these rooms at:

– Single room from € 69,00
– Double room from € 119,00

Country house style 20th century

The dream of owning a house in the country had a wide following in the last century.

A touch of noble glamour with a pretty patina adorns the house and the garden and has thus created its style, the country house style.

Flowers flow through flowers from the garden into the house through all the rooms.
Curtains flow around the windows and connect inside and outside.
This desire for romance and nature has found its own circle of friends.

Special features of these rooms:

Our country house style rooms
– are on the 1st and 2nd floor, in the “post”
– are mostly to the front, with a view of Feuchtwangens beautiful market square
– invite you to linger with their especially homey atmosphere

We offer these rooms at:

– Single room from € 69,00
– Double room from € 119,00

All room prices 2017 at a glance
In this table you can see all the prices of our rooms at a glance.
All prices are per room and per night.