„The Good Spirits“ at the Romantik-Hotel Greifen-Post

Die Chefs
Chef, Frau Dietrich, Herr Schustek
Herr Lehner

We work unobtrusively and in the background for the benefit of our guests.

In the old walls of the Romantik-Hotel Greifen-Post there are many experiences and memories. Crowned heads and artists from all over Europe stayed here for centuries. One example in 1483 was Michael Wohlgemut, the teacher of Albrecht Diirer.

In 1730 it was crown prince Frederick of Prussia, later known as “Old Fritz”, who took a break here. The singer Jenny Lind, who was revered and celebrated as “Swedish Nightingale” in her time, was at lunch on 6 December 1844 in Feuchtwangen.

All former and present guests have one thing in common: They appreciate the atmosphere of our house and the services of our “good spirits”. This is what we call the employees, who also take care of the well-being in the house, often in the background and unnoticed by the guests.

From early morning until late, they are on their feet to keep the rooms in order, to keep the reception friendly, to snuggle, to stir and to rinse, to serve in the kitchen – in other words, simply be unobtrusive for our guests. To be there for them and to make their stay in the Romantik-Hotel Greifen-Post pleasant and fulfilling.

 Frau Gunsch
Katze Heidi